Mission statement

The Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG] is a nonprofit association which aims to promote knowledge about data science methods/big data techniques.

In its focus are:

  • Applications where these methods such as machine learning (ML) are used
  • New research happening in this field like deep learning
  • Impact on society e.g. the introduction of autonomous cars

Our members are academics, professionals, students and all other data science enthusiasts coming from or working in diverse fields like mathematics, physics, econometrics, electrical engineering, medical science, finance, real estate, computer science and social sciences.

The Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG] rests on four fundamental pillars.

  1. Knowledge sharing
  2. Education
  3. Impact on society
  4. Fostering of ideas for business applications

How do we bring that to life?

  • Holding talks and seminars for knowledge sharing and networking
  • Organizing workshops bringing together companies, start-ups and data scientists
  • Doing hackathons to delve into various topics like Julia or machine learning
  • Networking with like-minded organizations

If you feel this is something for you you’re highly welcome to contact us

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