VDSG talk ‘Data science and society’

Our first talk on ‘Data science and society’ given – in German – at the Netzpolitischer Abend in Metalab on 7th of April can be viewed here (we speak right after the start of the video):

Presentation slides (in English) can be downloaded here.

The presentation highlights Bruce Schneiers vision of IoT and closes with the use of risk assessment tools in the U.S. justice system. Especially the latter example sparked a short, albeit lively, debate touching questions such as

  • Can individual rights be traded for security?
  • Are data science methods themselves already non-neutral or only when it comes to the application of data science methods by humans following specific interests?
  • Should the algorithm decide on a standalone basis or should it only serve as supporting tool in the decision process lead by humans?

Timing constraints did not allow for an in-depth discussion. We therefore invite all interested folks to join our next VDSG meeting where we can elaborate further on the topics presented with one or more beers (mate, …) afterwards! Details will follow.

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