Hey guys,

we are proudly announcing, that our community grew up to 215 members! For us, this was not only an opportunity to celebrate, but also to adapt our approach towards our monthly Knowledge-Feeds.

Data-Science is incredibly fast growing and becoming more and more popular in many fields of applications. Thus it is impossible for a small group of people, to keep track with this thriving development. So instead of occupying the stage for us only, we decided to hand over the mic to you!

Handing over the mic

As a result we invite you to share your “story” with our community! This can be an idea for a project, a Lightning-talk or simply a topic you would like to discuss with like-minded people. There are no limitations on how you would like to share your thoughts, whether you want use a presentation or pantomime…feel free to surprise us!

Please just give us a short heads up about your topic and planned means of communication 7 days before the corresponding Knowledge-feed, in case we need to adapt our location or hardware.

We are looking forward to your ideas and to see you in our next Knowledge-feed!

As ususal, you can also visit us on Meetup and leave a comment in the discussion group:

Vienna Data Science Group Meetup

Vienna, AT
456 Data Scientists

The Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG – www.vdsg.at] is a nonprofit association which aims to promote knowledge about data science methods/big data techniques.In its focus are:…

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