Taipei Tech Workshop ‘Data Science in Industry 4.0 and IoT’ at the University of Applied Science

During the course of one day the Vienna Data Science Group had the chance to exchange ideas, give some talks and have a good time with 12 visiting professors from Taiwan. They were on a 3 weeks trip through Austria to learn new things, collaborate and broaden their horizon for new topics concerning Industry 4.0, IoT and Data Science. For this purpose the VDSG was invited to organize a day long workshop where these three topics were dealt with exhaustively by showing ideas from deep learning, data markets, predictive maintenance and so on.

  1. Agenda for the workshop
  2. Participants
    1. Asia/Taiwan
    2. Europe
  3. Impressions

Agenda for the workshop







Research Interests

Guo-Ming Sung

National Taipei University of Technology

Electrical Engineering

Professor & Chairman

IoT system, Magnetic Sensor, Communication ICs for XDSL and SONET, Motor Control IC, Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit

Cheng-Han Wu

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Industrial Engineering and Management

Associate Professor

Supply Chain Management, Production and Operational Management, Decision Science, Inventory and Logistics Management

Jih-Shih Hsu

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Information Management, Center for Commerce Automation

Director of CCA

Project Management, Interaction Design, User Experience, Semantic Computing

Yen-Chieh Mao

National Formosa University

Mechanical Design Engineering

Assistant Professor

Bicycle Key Components, Medical Device Innovation and Startups

Tsu-Lien Shen

National Formosa University

Center for General Education

Professor & Head

Creative Thinking and Design, Teaching for Creativity Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Creative Problem Solving, Curriculum & Instruction

Chuang-Wen Yao

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

Mold and Die Engineering

Associate Professor

Non-destructive Text and Ultrasonic Automatic Measurement, Innovative Engineering Design, Patent Engineering

Shang-Kuo Yang

National Chin-Yi University of Technology

Mechanical Engineering


Reliability Engineering, Data Acquisition System, Biomedical Engineering, Automation

Jeng-Han Li

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Electrical Engineering

Assistant Professor

Intelligent Control Systems, Intelligent Robot Systems, Gait Assistive Devices

Chung-Chi Huang

Far East University

Automation and Control Engineering

Associate Professor

Intelligent Control, Smart Automation, Intelligent System

Jeng-Nan Lee

Cheng Shiu University

Mechanical Engineering


CAD/CAM, Cyber-physical system, Multi-tasking machining technology

Wen-Yo Lee

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

Computer Information and Network Engineering


Robot/CNC, Performance Diagnosis and Monitoring, Sensor and SECS-based FAB Tools Monitoring

Chien-Cheng Liu

Kun Shan University

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Field / Manufacture, Engineering Materials, Ceramic Engineering


Name Profile Affiliation
Brunauer, Wolfgang Vienna Data Scienc Group, Data Science Service
Brunmeir, Dominik Drahtwarenhandlung (DWH)
Donner, Rene Vienna Data Science Group, Contextflow
Hafner, Irene Drahtwarenhandlung (DWH)
Lange, Christoph Fraunhofer IAIS Germany
Langs, Georg Vienna Data Science Group, Contextflow
Roessler, Matthias  Drahtwarenhandlung (DWH)
 Schwarzinger, Christian  OpenFabNet
Seitz, Thomas Informance
Szankowski, Artur Informance
 Wastian, Matthias  Drahtwarenhandlung (DWH)
 Weidinger, Wolfgang  Vienna Data Science Group
Ziehengraser, Roman Informance


As the workshop went very well all participants gathered together and fortified the bridge between Europe and Asia!

Vienna Data Science Group hosting the Taipei Tech Workshop
Vienna Data Science Group hosting the Taipei Tech Workshop
Vienna Data Science Group hosting the Taipei Tech Workshop
Vienna Data Science Group hosting the Taipei Tech Workshop

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