Vienna Data Science Group – Knowledgefeed vol. 19

Dear Community,

get ready for the 19th Knowledgefeed of the VDSG on 22 May 2017!

Please note, that we are meeting at a different location this time. For this Knowledgefeed we will be meeting in the offices of Parkbob. (Treustraße 22-24, 1200 Wien, see map). Thanks again guys for sharing the spirit!

For those of you joining us for the first time, a short description below.

During these sessions we are inviting specialists presenting their hands-on experience, current project or simply ideas regarding topics related to our field of interest (the reason for this rather wide description is based on the wide scope of data science itself… ;-)). Furthermore this gives you the opportunity to ask our lecturer of the evening questions, discuss your ideas and of course enjoy a beer in company of some interesting folks!

In addition please do not hesitate to present your own projects, ideas or thoughts … We are more than gladly sharing the stage with you! Please refer to our last blog-post / Discussion entry for further details.

This Knowledgefeed is featuring talks by 2 very special guests from our growing data scientist network in Mid-Europe:

Title: Spark SQL and Oracle Database Integration

Description: Spark SQL and Oracle Database make up for a powerful combination and Pawel will show us how to integrate them together.

Duration: about 30 min

Powered by: Pawel Jedrzejewicz is a Very Large DataBase (VLDB) specialist at mBank S.A. in Warsaw. He finished his studies in the Warsaw University of Technology. The talk is given per Skype. (This is actually a new try – let’s hope we manage to get connected this time 🙂

Title: Big Data Analytics on textual data

Description: In this presentation Živko will present 3 case studies based on Big Data Analytics powered by JupiterOne. Analysis on data from Facebook and Twitter will be presented for : US Election 2016, Brexit 2016 and Croatian politics. Sentiment analysis, topic extraction, named entity extraction, gender prediction, keyword detection will be presented for all 3 case studies.

1. About JupiterOne
2. Text analytics used in JupiterOne
3. Data Science challenges
4. Case study: US Election 2016
5. Case study: Brexit 2016
6. Case study: Croatian politics
7. Conclusion and Q&A

Duration: about 45 min

Powered by: Živko Krstić is Data Scientist @ Crossing technologies Ltd & Organizer of Data Science Croatia. He obtained his master degree in Information management at the University of Split (Croatia). We are glad to enjoy his talk during his short stay in Vienna!

Looking forward to meet you at the Knowledgefeed!

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