Joint Event: Hadoop User Group Vienna – VDSG: Data Integration Using Apache NiFi

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We continue our collaboration with other groups with this joint event between VDSG and Hadoop User Group Vienna.

One of the most common problems of any modern IT and BI landscape, as well as productive data science projects, is to process and distribute data from different sources efficiently and easily without wasting too much time on the topic. Apache NiFi is an Open Source tool that fills those needs and extends its capabilities.

The meetup features Pierre Villard a member of the Apache NiFi project management committee (PMC) giving a talk, a demo and an outlook of Apache NiFi.

* Talk by Pierre (Hortonworks)
* Discussion + Q&A
* Networking + Pizza + Beer

Speaker Infos:
* Pierre Villard is a Senior Consultant at Hortonworks based in Toulouse, Apache NiFi PMC member and author of a blog ( @pvillard31


We invite you to take the opportunity to talk with different colleagues about potential ideas and projects for 2018. If you get inspired and find the right partner for a new project (maybe even using Apache NiFi), you could bring it to the next volume of Data Science Cafe.

Looking forward to meeting you there.

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