Knowledgefeed vol. 28: (Big) Data (Science) for Security

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Get ready for our 28th Knowledgefeed featuring security research question that motivated an ambitious data collection and analysis approach.

While a common opinion is that a collection of “big data” only leads to security and privacy problems – and it often does – however the analysis of large amounts of IT systems behavioral data also enables new experimental approaches to improve IT security and protect us from the cesspool of malware that the internet is.

The TARGET research project at St.Pölten UAS started with an initial IT security research question that motivated an ambitious data collection and analysis approach, and that then spawned subsequent challenges in data collection, encoding, storage, processing, experimental algorithm implementation, up to production deployment.

This talk reflects on the challenges encountered and experiences made.

Talk (duration 45- 60 mins)

By Martin Pirker who is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of IT Security Research, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. His current work focus is the Josef Ressel Center for Unified Threat Intelligence on Targeted Attacks (TARGET), and all kinds of weird problems that arise when IT (security) meets privacy and big data.

As always: grab the opportunity to ask our lecturers questions, discuss your ideas and of course enjoy the company of some interesting folks!


Please do not hesitate to present your own projects, ideas or thoughts. We are more than gladly sharing the stage with you! Please refer to our blog-post / Discussion entry for further details:

Looking forward to meeting you at the Knowledgefeed!

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