MyData Austria Meetup #3

Dear community – the wait is finally over, the next Meetup is here!
In this meetup we will shed light on the topic of data as a property: is it possible to own data, how can data or usage rights for that data be sold and what are the implications?

This is a co-hosted event with the MyData Austria Meetup group.


1. Clara Landler: Welcome & Introduction

2. Christoph Fabianek: Semantic Container for Data Mobility, Closing presentation of FFG funded project

3. Soheil Human, Rita Gsenger, Kemal Ozan Aybar: short talks on “End-user Empowerment: An Interdisciplinary Perspective” and “Digital Inequality: Call for Socio-technical Privacy Management Approaches”.

4. Michael Shea: Fishbowl discussion about Data as a Human Right

Stay tuned and RSVP on our Meetup:

Looking forward to meeting you !

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