DS Salon Vol. 3: Social Media – Monitoring Their Impact on Civil Society – revisited

On October 21 the Data4Good program lead by VDSG held it’s third DS Salon. The agenda and additional details can be found on our meetup page of the event. The videos are now on our youtube channel.

Maximilian Schubert of ISPA (Internet Service Providers Austria) provides a brief overview of the history and background of ISPA, and their activities in promoting greater safety on the net, before diving into the challenges faced by internet platforms as they navigate between the need for transparency, data privacy, freedom of speech, and government bureaucracies.
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As you will be working on our core product you will be working on real world problems which directly affect millions of consumers daily.

Your responsibilities will cover challenges facing all areas of the business in a cross functional team. We have a wide range of data sets both structured and unstructured from a variety of sources both real time and batch data coming from search, recommendations and supplier on-boarding.…

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