The talks will be about the controbution to quantum computing in the data science field

Jun 6, 2023 6:00 PM — Jun 2, 2022 8:30 PM
Quellenstrasse 51 - 1100 Vienna
Quellenstrasse 51, Vienna, Vienna 1100

Direct link to join the event: https://www.meetup.com/vienna-data-science-group-meetup/events/293542873/

Quantum computing is revolutionizing the way we approach complex problems in fields ranging from finance and healthcare to transportation and energy. At this event, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the principles behind quantum computing and how it can be applied to real-world challenges.

First talk: Quantum Computing in Data Science Quantum computing has become a topic that is publicly debated, sometimes with skepticism and sometimes with hype. In this talk, Clemens gives an introduction into the “hot topic” Quantum Computing. He will elaborate on the fundamental working principle of quantum computers and lay out why this technology will be impactful to a broad range of industries. Moreover, he will discuss which computational problems are addressed with quantum computers and which are not. Special focus will be given to applications of Quantum Computing in Data Science.

Speaker bio: Clemens Sauerzopf is CTO of Data Technology. After a PhD in physics, he has been working in consulting for several years. His specialities include data analytics, data engineering and data management.

Second talk: Gesture Classification on a Smartphone Web-App using a Quantum Computer David Alber and Olaf Hahn will demonstrate that Quantum enhanced Support Vector Machines (QSVMs) can be utilized to classify gestures made by a conventional smartphone. They will showcase how developers can utilize the Qiskit Python framework and provision IBM Cloud and IBM Quantum resources to seamlessly integrate such models in a traditional application environment. Machine learning and quantum are promising technologies with the potential to address yet intractable problems. The hybrid nature of QSVMs makes it possible deploy such models already today. We will show you how.

Speaker bio: David Alber is a Data Scientist and Quantum Ambassador with IBM - Vienna. Olaf Hahn is Data and AI Evangelist with IBM - Linz.

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