VDSG – Knowledgefeed vol. 25: Managing spatio-temporal data using GeoMesa

Jun 17, 2018 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM

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get ready for our 25th Knowledgefeed on Monday, June 25 – the last one before our summer hiatus:

Managing massive amounts of spatio-temporal data using GeoMesa

Description: With recent improvements in tracking and communications technology, we live in an age where movement data is collected on a big scale. This data harbors enormous potential for decision makers but we face the challenge of extracting relevant information from these data sets. This talk introduces GeoMesa, an open source solution for storing, analyzing, and visualizing massive spatio-temporal datasets on top of common big data tools, such as Accumulo, HBase, or Cassandra.

Duration of talk: 30 min

Powered by: Anita Graser

Anita Graser is spatial data scientist, open source GIS advocate, and author with a background in information technology and geographic information systems. She is working with the Center for Mobility Systems at the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna.

As always: grab the opportunity to ask our lecturers questions, discuss your ideas and of course enjoy the company of some interesting folks!

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