Data Science Demo Day in Frankfurt: livestreamed

Nov 21, 2019 1:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Dear community, we are happy to announce that two of our members are going to have a talk at “Data Science Demo Day” in Frankfurt, held by Frankfurt Data Science and Vienna Data Science Group. This event will be livestreamed, so everyone interested save the date!

Finest selection of data science industry solutions from Germany and Austria showcased by their creators. —-

We have double premiere, which is also double fun and huge huge value for community (we hope)!

I. For the first time in Frankfurt: X-country data science community event and we do it together with Vienna Data Science Group | And we will have guests from Vienna!

II. DEMO DAY – new format, that everyone was waiting for. 100% PowerPoint free! No slides, only working demos showcased by their creators in 10 minutes. They will also have own stands, everyone can approach them directly afterwards.

You want to present? Make your submission here We’re also planning Demo Days for 2020.

Here we come, our demos for tonight:

  1. DEEP LEARNING SEARCH ENGINE FOR RADIOLOGISTS “I will demonstrate our tool, search engine for radiologists. It uses deep learning to find similar cases, support and accelerate diagnosis, and assessment of patients in radiology. The software is currently being installed in hospitals across Europe, and enables the fast access to relevant information during clinical practice.” – Georg Langs, Vienna, contextflow/Medical University of Vienna/Computational Imaging Research Lab |

  2. SUPPORTIVE AI FOR EFFICIENT REGULATORY CHECKS “I will demonstrate how we develop the future of efficient regulatory compliance checks in unstructured data in a live showcase of the Matching Box Tool. The tool is based on recent progressions in Deep Learning and NLP.” – Larissa Putzar, Hamburg, PwC |

  3. AUTOMATED REAL ESTATE VALUATION WITH ImmAzing “I will show our AVM ImmAzing and explain how we gather and combine the data, how we build our prediction models, and what we intend to do in the near future.” – Wolfgang Brunauer, Vienna, DataScience Service |

  4. NETWORK MODELS ENHANCING EXPLAINABLE AI IN FINANCIAL SERVICES “I will show network models in action. These models are powerful approach to enhance AI models. They capture complex relationships in data and explain them utilizing visualization. In a wider sense they enhance eXplainable AI workflows in numerous ways.” – Jochen Papenbrock, Frankfurt, Firamis |

  5. AUTOENCODER BASED TOOL FOR RULE-BASED ANOMALY DETECTION IN CATEGORICAL DATA “We will show some capabilities of this tool with different datasets including visualization and explanation in the sense of explainable AI.” – Markus Doktor, Frankfurt, PwC | – Katrin Newger, Munich, PwC |

  6. bamboolib – A GUI FOR pandas “I will demonstrate our own creation, a tool for visualizing and transforming pandas dataframe without need of coding. Demo will include description of technical challenges and product architecture.” – Florian Wetschoreck, Frankfurt, bamboolib |

Data Science Demo Day is supported and powered by PwC | and hosted by TechQuartier |

BIG, BIG thanks to our supporters!

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With love, Frankfurt Data Science & Vienna Data Science Group Teams

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