Data Science Cafe - New edition


We have so much fun sharing in a cosy and relaxed environment about our profession and passion: Data Science. During these conversations, we learn about Data Science and expanded our professional networks and several of us also developed friendships.

Oct 6, 2022 5:00 PM — Jun 2, 2022 8:30 PM
MPraterstraße 1020 Vienna
Praterstraße 1, Vienna, Vienna 1020

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Here you can explore four challenges of solutions that can be implemented using Data Science to help children and people that live with Autism condition. If you are quite knowledgeable about Data Science and now you want to challenge yourself, join this section and go from the idea to the product with the guidance of another Data Scientist and the mom of an autistic child.

The challenges are:

  • Speech to Pictogram
  • Music composition app to promote verbality
  • From goal to Data and back again - Backbone to developmental interventions.
  • Emotional Duolingo.

Mentor sections:

We are going to have 7 mentors in different areas. You can join them if you want to deep dive into their topics and expertise.

o Manuel Pasieka: MLOps o Maria Ines Plaza: Lean Inception from idea to data product in a very simple methodology. o Margot Mückstein: Your career in Data Science, how to sell your skills in your organization and how to negotiate salaries on o Liad Magen: Natural Language Processing o Mohamed Auf: Data Engineering o Yudan Lin: Data Science in society taboos.

Not interested in any of these options, no problem. There is always space like our traditional event to join other colleagues and choose your own topic.

Everyone is welcome to come and share their own ideas, or simply explore

community building

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