Knowledgefeed vol. 29: Efficient ML for mobile devices & Segmentation in Surveys

Dear Community, We hope you had a great summer! We are very happy to announce that the VDSG is back from summer break, too, and our next meetup is happening in two weeks in A1!

Knowledgefeed vol. 30: How to get into Kaggle?

How to get into Kaggle? by Philipp Singer and Dmitry Gordeev from Vienna Data Science Group Our next meetup is dedicated to Kaggle community.

Knowledgefeed vol. 27: Deep Learning for Predictive Quality & Predictive Maintenance

Get ready for our 27th Knowledgefeed featuring characteristics of Industrial AI and how state of the art deep learning methods can be applied to solve complex problems and bring more value to companies.

Knowledgefeed vol. 28: (Big) Data (Science) for Security

Dear Community, Get ready for our 28th Knowledgefeed featuring security research question that motivated an ambitious data collection and analysis approach. While a common opinion is that a collection of “big data” only leads to security and privacy problems – and it often does – however the analysis of large amounts of IT systems behavioral data also enables new experimental approaches to improve IT security and protect us from the cesspool of malware that the internet is.

VDSG Knowledgefeed vol. 24

Download Krista’s presentation here, an Christian’s presentation here.

VDSG – Knowledgefeed vol. 25: Managing spatio-temporal data using GeoMesa

Dear Community, get ready for our 25th Knowledgefeed on Monday, June 25 – the last one before our summer hiatus: Managing massive amounts of spatio-temporal data using GeoMesa Description: With recent improvements in tracking and communications technology, we live in an age where movement data is collected on a big scale.