Data4Good Hackathon: Solve interesting Data Science challenges and do good along the way

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are creating a lot of buzz at the moment, and increasingly they are expected to contribute to the big challenges of our time – for example advancing the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN. At the Data4Good Hackathon, we want to put the theory into practice, and we are looking for NGOs/social enterprises and Data Scientists, Designers and Developers to join us!

The Idea

In an intense, 2-day hackathon interdisciplinary teams of data scientists, developers and designers will work together with domain experts from NGOs and social enterprises to create new insight about their work, solve complex challenges and identify new social impact opportunities. This may be in form of statistical analyses and machine learning models, data visualizations or by linking existing data with new data sets – the teams have no boundaries on their creativity!

Participate as an NGO or social enterprise

Are you working in an organisation whose primary goal is to create positive social impact? Are you curious about better leveraging your data? Do you want to increase your impact through machine learning technologies? Then join the Data4Good Hackathon as a partner organisation.

We invite NGOs and social enterprises, as well as think-tanks and government agencies, etc to participate. You will need to nominate a contact person, who will liaise with the Data4Good team and participate in the hackathon.

Participate as Data Scientist

You want to hone your skills on real-life problems and create positive social impact at the same time? Then join the Data4Good Hackathon as a data science mentor.

Your role will be to develop a deeper understanding for the data and goals of an NGO, social enterprise or similar organisation, and to guide a team of 4-6 volunteer data scientists, designers and developers during the hackathon.


  • End of May 2018: Applications for the Data4Good Hackathon
  • End of June 2018: Selection of the 4-6 Hackathon projects
  • October/November 2018: 2-day Data4Good Hackathon (precise date to be announced)

Organised by the Vienna Data Science Group

We want to demonstrate that Data Science can be a major force for creating social impact.  By means of the Data4Good Hackathon, we want to foster a dialogue between NGOs, social enterprises, and Data Scientists. We will provide organisational and logistical support, and, in the run-up to the Data4Good Hackathon, help with shaping the problem and the required data.


Write us a short email to if you are interested, ideally with a few lines of introduction. We will get back to you asap.



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