We are an association promoting knowledge about data science as a nonprofit. We connect data scientists in Europe and all around the world. Our members are passionate data scientists from various areas of research and industry.


On the verge of the Age of Data, the world is changing at a rapid pace. This change, being fundamental in nature, is full of opportunities and risks. VDSG was founded in 2015 with the goal of establishing a platform for knowledge exchange between data professionals from research and industry, data enthusiasts and other interested parties, thus enabling them to seize opportunities and help understanding better the risks lying ahead.


Our activities are all about knowledge sharing and networking, guided by VDSG’s charitable objective: the promotion of data science. As such, we

  • grow a network of data scientists and companies,
  • collaborate with like-minded organisations,
  • organise public events such as talks and hackathons, and
  • organise workshops and offer neutral consultation to companies and other organisations.

All of this we do pro bono, motivated by our passion for data science, our strive for knowledge gain and our firm believe in the huge impact of data science on our lives and society as a whole.

If you feel this is something for you, please, don’t hestitate and contact us


contextflow empowers radiologists to complete their daily workload faster and with higher quality and cost-efficiency by delivering a unique and scalable AI backbone that fully integrates into clinical workflows. Its core technology includes SEARCH, a 3D image-based search engine, which provides relevant statistics, reference cases and differential diagnosis information at the point of care within seconds.

Visit http://contextflow.com/ for more information.

In a data-rich world, firms manage data as a strategic asset to improve decision-making. Learn to analyze and act upon insights from data. Understand how data analytics can drive business value. Study full-time as a graduate or career changer, or keep your career and study part-time. The Master’s in Business Analytics program anks #1 in Central Europe and world #50 in the QS Masters in Business Analytics Rankings 2019.

Visit http://ceu.edu/ for more information.

FreeDOM Data is an Armenian based Data Engineering and Cloud company founded in 2018. They are a key player in utilizing resources and talent from the Silicon Valley of the East. They have clients mainly in the Automotive and Telco Industry in Austria and Germany. FreeDOM Data has an open company culture and established a internal training program to ensure that all employees can strive for excellence.

Visit https://www.freedom-data.com/ for more information.

Gradient Zero is a leading machine learning company and technology hub based in Vienna, Austria. We offer machine learning solutions across industries. Gradient Zero brings machine learning powered software solutions to market in several domains, be it in the public sector, healthcare, engineering, or financial services. Our solutions are built using the latest data science and cloud architecture techniques. Artificial Intelligence has matured into an established business and field of research. Still, successful AI projects need well-designed solutions with carefully selected techniques and a strong understanding of the underlying methodologies and their implementation requirements. AI is here to make things easier, faster and more comfortable – this is our mission.

Visit https://gradient0.com/ for more information.

Informance is an international IT and technology provider founded in 2002. The Vienna based company has a strong focus on data-driven projects. Informance IT systems are based on a standardized technology stack and meet the highest standards in case of availability, security and usability. Customers are typically global acting enterprises demanding Informance‘ expertise on integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into IT systems.

Visit https://www.informance.at/ for more information.

uni software plus GmbH supports customers in achieving ambitious goals in analytics, modeling and simulation across different industries. With a mixed team of software engineers, physicists and mathematicians we provide tailor made solutions for finance and industry. Furthermore, uni software plus GmbH acts as reseller and provides consulting for Wolfram technologies and is the worldwide business developer of UnRisk.

Visit https://www.unisoftwareplus.com for further information.